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Making the Connection is a power point presentation that discusses the medium of communication known as ‘Social Networking’. As more and more people spend increasing amounts of time on social networks, it is important to have a clear understanding of some of the benefits as well as some of the possible ramifications from communicating via global format. The following topics will be covered:

· Who are ‘Friends’
· Gossip and its effects
· Cyberbullying
· Social Networking at school and work
· Online relationships
· FB policy and how it affects you
· 6 symptoms of F.A.D.
· Social Networking as an addiction
· How FB makes money
· Is Big Brother watching
· 10 suggestions for protection on Social Networks

Music and You

Music and You is a three part PowerPoint Presentation that discusses the effect music has on the listener. To understand the effects music has helps in deciding what type of music to associate with. Each of the three parts of this presentation details the impact music has on behavior.

1. Music And Emotion
2. Music And Motion (Rhythm)

Music and motion discusses the effect of rhythmic music on the individual listener and on the collective listeners during worship service. The God we serve is a particular God and we have to be just as particular in the worship we offer to Him. It is possible to be worshiping on the right day but in the wrong way and still be lost. So, we must be diligent in studying His Word and allowing the Holy Spirit to guide us and lead us in understanding the effect of music on His Holy worship service. We will discuss the Biblical application, the scientific evidence as well as the historical and cultural context of rhythmic music and its effect on the worship service. Topics to be discussed are:

· How the major elements of music effect us
· What is worship and what is praise
· The historical progression on music in worship
· The music instruments introduced into the temple worship service
· What is the timbrel and how was it used
· History of rhythmic music
· Rhythm and the brain
· Music and dance
· Why loud music
· The carnal vs. the spiritual

3. Music And Worship

Changing Faces


MANHOOD is a Powerpoint presentation that discusses some of the issues our young men needs to understand while growing into their manhood. MANHOOD is intended for males and females, parents and their offspring because all of us as a community are responsible for raising the next generation.


The following topics are discussed


  • When does a male become a man
  • The difference between ‘The Man’ and ‘A Man’
  • What are your Responsibilities as a man
  • The family and the community
  • Sagging – What you need to know
  • How stereotypes affect you
  • The words you use
  • Manhood and relationships
  • Falling in love or lust
  • Attraction and Attachment  

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